AMA Chartered Club #563
Projects by Dan Razey
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Just received word from Dan that he has recovered his Ultimate that was in
rough shape and hasn't been flown since the mid '90's. He installed a
Zenoah G38 engine and new servos and expects to test fly it in the spring.
Wing Span is about 50"
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Below are photos of Dan's Quaker Special, a free flight model from the
1930's. He scratch built it from plans, starting last September. He also
installed interior and exterior lighting so he can do some night flying.
Wing Span is 102"
Engine - MDF .61
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Photos below are of Dan's home built that he has been working on for
close to a year - on and off. He has tried 3 different engines and has
settled on the Magnum XL 180. The plane was built using a single elevator
and "old ideas" that aren't currently used. It features extended ailerons
beyond the wings, and an alternator mounted atop the wing.
Wing Span is 90"
Engine - Magnum XL 180
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Shown below is Dan's Cub. He scratch built it from plans that he bought
from Ken Sherry. It is painted with acrylic enamel, and striped so it can be
seen well in the air.
Wing Span is 12 ft.
Weight - about 36 lbs.
Engine - Super Tigre 4500
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Dan submitted photos of his delta wing. The delta wing is a Balsa USA kit called Force One. It is an easy build and goes
up quick. This airplane takes a K&B 40, except the crank is specially made to turn in reverse. Actually it comes with both
cranks. This does not require a reverse prop, but has a regular prop put on with the lettering facing towards the front.
Also, there are no rudders, and it can fly at very slow speeds.
Somewhat of a neat aircraft - not really my kind of craft, but it was given to me by some old flying buddies and I was
asked to build it. The deal was build it & its yours. I said OK!
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