AMA Chartered Club #563
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Aug 24, 2013
This year we had near perfect weather and good attendance at our Open House.  A good time was had by all.
This is the first year that the Open House was held on Saturday.  It worked out very well, especially for those visitors who come from long distances.
Once again all who attended enjoyed a great lunch with an abundance of good food.
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openhouse2013-0505 openhouse2013-0506 openhouse2013-0507 openhouse2013-0508 openhouse2013-0509
openhouse2013-0510 openhouse2013-0511 openhouse2013-0512 openhouse2013-0513 openhouse2013-0525
openhouse2013-0526 openhouse2013-0527 openhouse2013-0529 openhouse2013-0530 openhouse2013-0531
openhouse2013-0532 openhouse2013-0534 openhouse2013-0535 openhouse2013-0541 openhouse2013-0542
openhouse2013-0543 openhouse2013-0537 openhouse2013-0523 openhouse2013-0522 openhouse2013-0538
openhouse2013-0544 openhouse2013-0546 openhouse2013-0521 openhouse2013-0528 openhouse2013-0536
openhouse2013-0540 openhouse2013-0545 openhouse2013-0514 openhouse2013-0515 openhouse2013-0516
openhouse2013-0518 openhouse2013-0519 openhouse2013-0520 openhouse2013-0547
Above photos submitted by Bob Bush
openhouse2013-04 openhouse2013-13 openhouse2013-21 openhouse2013-07 openhouse2013-14
openhouse2013-03 openhouse2013-05 openhouse2013-09 openhouse2013-10 openhouse2013-11
openhouse2013-12 openhouse2013-15 openhouse2013-16 openhouse2013-17 openhouse2013-19
openhouse2013-26 openhouse2013-20 openhouse2013-22 openhouse2013-24 openhouse2013-25
openhouse2013-23 openhouse2013-01 openhouse2013-06 openhouse2013-08 openhouse2013-18
Photos below submitted by Jim Keough
Photos below submitted by Chris Brown