AMA Chartered Club #563
Aug  26, 2012
Attendance at the Open House was very good again this year.  There was a lot of great flying in spite of the sometimes squirrely wind conditions.
Once again STARS members, guests and visitors enjoyed a great lunch with an abundance of good food.
sany-100-2347 sany-100-2348 sany-100-2349 sany-100-2355 sany-100-2356
sany-100-2357 sany-100-2358 sany-100-2359 sany-100-2382 sany-100-2383
sany-100-2384 sany-100-2389 sany-100-2396 sany-100-2398 sany-110-2376
sany-110-2377 sany-110-2378 sany-200-2306 sany-200-2307 sany-200-2308
sany-200-2310 sany-200-2311 sany-200-2326 sany-200-2327 sany-200-2328
sany-300-2296 sany-300-2298 sany-300-2302 sany-300-2303 sany-300-2309
sany-300-2312 sany-300-2318 sany-300-2319 sany-300-2320 sany-300-2323
sany-300-2324 sany-300-2325 sany-300-2329 sany-300-2330 sany-300-2331
sany-300-2332 sany-300-2333 sany-300-2334 sany-300-2336 sany-300-2337
sany-300-2338 sany-400-2289 sany-400-2290 sany-400-2291 sany-400-2292
sany-400-2293 sany-400-2294 sany-400-2295 sany-400-2299 sany-400-2300
sany-400-2301 sany-400-2304 sany-400-2313 sany-400-2314 sany-400-2315
sany-400-2316 sany-400-2317 sany-400-2321 sany-400-2322 sany-400-2335
sany-400-2340 sany-400-2360 sany-400-2361 sany-400-2362 sany-400-2363
sany-400-2364 sany-400-2365 sany-400-2366 sany-400-2367 sany-400-2369
sany-400-2370 sany-400-2371 sany-400-2372 sany-400-2373 sany-400-2374
sany-500-2297 sany-500-2305 sany-500-2341 sany-500-2342 sany-500-2343
sany-500-2344 sany-500-2346 sany-500-2351 sany-500-2352 sany-500-2353
sany-500-2354 sany-500-2379 sany-500-2380 sany-500-2381 sany-500-2385
sany-500-2386 sany-500-2387 sany-500-2388 sany-500-2390 sany-500-2391
sany-500-2393 sany-500-2394 sany-500-2395 sany-500-2399 sany-500-2400
sany-500-2401 sany-500-2403 sany-500-2404 sany-500-2405 sany-500-2406
sany-500-2407 sany-500-2408 sany-500-2409 sany-500-2410 sany-500-2411
sany-500-2412 sany-500-2413 sany-500-2415

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