AMA Chartered Club #563
Aug  28, 2011
Attendance at the Open House was very good again this year.  Because of the effects of Hurricane Irene, the weather was cloudy, cool and very windy.  There were a few hardy souls that did fly their planes in the challenging conditions.
Everyone at the field enjoyed a great lunch with an abundance of good food prepared by STARS members and their spouses.
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ds-openhouse2011-033 ds-openhouse2011-037 ds-openhouse2011-036 ds-openhouse2011-035 ds-openhouse2011-039
ds-openhouse2011-032 ds-openhouse2011-024 ds-openhouse2011-020 ds-openhouse2011-048 ds-openhouse2011-027
ds-openhouse2011-026 ds-openhouse2011-034 ds-openhouse2011-022 ds-openhouse2011-044 ds-openhouse2011-031
ds-openhouse2011-030 ds-openhouse2011-043 ds-openhouse2011-028 ds-openhouse2011-041 ds-openhouse2011-042
ds-openhouse2011-016 ds-openhouse2011-025 ds-openhouse2011-023 ds-openhouse2011-021 ds-openhouse2011-049
ds-openhouse2011-047 ds-openhouse2011-045 ramona-1239 ramona-1240 ramona-1244
ramona-1242 ramona-1243 ramona-1238 ramona-1237 ramona-1248
ramona-1224 ramona-1225 ramona-1226 ramona-1227 ramona-1218
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ramona-1230 ramona-1215 ramona-1222 ramona-1221 ramona-1216
ramona-1223 ramona-1219 ramona-1220 ramona-1206 ramona-1245
ramona-1205 ramona-1207 ramona-1202 ramona-1211 ramona-1213
ramona-1214 ramona-1212 ramona-1217 ramona-1228 ramona-1229
ramona-1232 ramona-1233 ramona-1234 ramona-1235 ramona-1241
ramona-1246 ramona-1247 dsc03324 dsc03323 dsc03322
dsc03325 dsc03321 dsc03320

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Ramona Follett
Jim Keough
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